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Requirements of designing shadowless lamp for surgery

Surgical shadowless lamp can be said to be one of the more widely used medical equipment in medical equipment, and the role of surgical shadowless lamp is also very important. In order to better guarantee the use effect of surgical shadowless lamp, what specific requirements do we have in the process of designing surgical shadowless lamp in the manufacturer? 1. Illumination intensity of shadowless light Based on the poor lighting requirements of individual operating room, when choosing the surgical shadowless lamp, we should first see that the illuminance of shadowless lamp can reach 150000lux, and if the precondition is OK, select the sub lamp as a special auxiliary light source to improve the shadow removal rate. 2. Power of shadowless lamp When selling surgical shadowless lamps, you should first look at the local rated voltage. If the voltage is too high or too low, the shadowless lamp can not be used and even burn out the components inside. 3. Can shadowless lamp move in operating room In some areas, especially in places with serious natural disasters, the operating room itself is faced with the possibility of moving away at any time. In this case, the installation, disassembly and movement of the ceiling type shadowless lamp is not as convenient as that of the surgical shadowless lamp. For the design requirements of surgical shadowless lamp, we should design according to the use environment and construction characteristics of the product, control the quality according to the specification, and design a good product.

How to choose surgical shadowless lamp?

Surgical shadowless lamp can bring good lighting effect to our surgery, as the name implies. However, we all know that it has many classifications according to its different shape structure and lighting. Therefore, it requires us to learn how to choose the right product when using it. How should we make a good choice? First of all, from the perspective of light source, we talk about how to choose surgical shadowless lamp. At present, the product light source we use is mainly halogen lamp or LED light source, such as halogen lamp, its life is not long (compared with LED, in hundreds to 1000 hours), to replace the bulb, the radiation (heat) is larger, but there are many brands, the price is cheaper, and the selection room is large; LED light sources are trendy, characterized by long life (tens of thousands of hours), low radiation (but there are also). Because there are many LEDs in each lamp cap, one or two broken will not have a great impact on surgery. Secondly, from the installation form, there are hanging type, wall type and mobile vertical type. The main parameters of surgical shadowless lamp are illuminance (whether it is bright enough and adjustable), color temperature, color rendering index, spot diameter, column depth, exposure temperature rise, shadowless degree and other technical indicators. The mechanical aspects include the angle of rotation, the distance of lamp cap moving up and down, and the balance of lamp cap; if energy saving is considered, the power consumption of the product should be referred to. In fact, these indicators of formally registered products are mandatory in the manual (the parameters of old products may not be so complete, generally giving illumination, color temperature, power consumption and mechanical properties). You can refer to the manual for comparison. The above is about the surgical shadowless lamp in the selection of some can help us to introduce, we should pay attention to its lighting, structure, installation form and other aspects of understanding, choose the equipment suitable for us, so as to facilitate our work.


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